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Our Meat

Passion for Excellence

The quality O'Sullivans fresh meats and Meat products will not be surpassed anywhere. O'Sullivans never ever compromise on quality. We only sell meats which originate in Ireland and are completely traceable back to the farm of origin. The Beef is absolutely superb in taste and tenderness. The lamb is juicy, succulent and delicious. The pork is lean and full of flavour. The traditionally cured bacon and ham is simply outstanding. The day fresh chicken and poultry are safe and incomparable. O Sullivan's offer a fabulous selection of meats for the Barbeque, using many of its homemade marinades and condiments. The team at O Sullivan's is innovative and constantly striving to improve on quality and selection. The search for excellence is relentless. Sulmeat's unequivocal guarantee is unrivalled and bears testimony to our absolute confidence in our meat.

Superb Service

The customer is the focal point of all activities at O'Sullivans. Nothing is too much trouble for any member of the team when it comes to satisfying the needs of our customers. Each member of staff has been highly trained in customer service and in all aspects of meaty handling. Many young people have begun and completed their four year Meat Trade Apprenticeship at O'Sullivans and have pursued successful careers in house or elsewhere. Each team member takes tremendous satisfaction from offering unrivalled friendly efficient and knowledgeable service.


The standards of hygiene and cleanliness at O'Sullivans surpass all Government and EU guidelines and regulations. O'Sullivans was one of the first fresh food retailers in the EU to introduce its own customised Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System. All staff have been thoroughly trained and have achieved their certificates in Food Hygiene. Hygiene Standards are monitored regularly on an ongoing and consistent basis. For more information on our hygeine policies, click here

Fair Price

O'Sullivans will never cut corners or compromise the quality. The taste, tenderness and consistency of the meat is of tantamount importance. However, the prices charged are very fair and very competitive. This is a result of our business efficiency. Productivity is outstanding from a highly motivated team of craftspeople and overheads and costs are well managed.

Curious and Innovative

O'Sullivan's are always striving to improve all aspects of the business. We are not afraid of changes for the better and are determined to move with the changing needs of our valued customers. On the outbreak of the BSE crisis, O Sullivan's were the first butchers in the EU to use the Enfer Test on all its beef after slaughter. O'Sullivans was also the first butcher in Ireland to introduce a club loyalty card. Regular special offers (see Bargain of the Week) have been available to customers for many years. Our customers provide very informative and helpful advice through regular Questionnaires. Our innovation has also led to the establishment of


Our local hand picked grass fed beef contains superior marbling which makes it the most tender and tasty beef anywhere. Our beef is dry aged and matured on the bone . This allows it to reach its full potential in juicy flavour and tenderness. Choose from premium quality steaks, succulent beef roasts and gourmet beef entrees.

This Week's Beef


The lamb at O'Sullivans is unique and outstanding. The favoured lamb from the lush grasslands of Munster is slightly smaller with excellent confirmation and lean to fat ratio. We dry age our lamb in our chill room for a minimum of 10 days. The end product is so succulent and sweet, we guarantee you've never tasted lamb like it before.


The grain fed pork we sell at O'Sullivans comes from the Irish Quality Assurance scheme. It has a meaty moist flavour that only comes from traditional rearing. Our pork is hand picked based on confirmation, meat to fat ratio and the depth of meat in the eye of the loin.


The premium traditionally cured bacon we sell at O'Sullivans originates from Ireland and is sourced from the Irish Quality Assurance scheme. Whether Pale (Green) or Smoked, all cuts are full of flavour and help create some of our more traditional meals. While ensuring the unique taste, the mild cure will prevent the cuts from being overly salty.


At Sulmeat we sell only Irish chicken and poultry. They are properly reared and enjoy a natural grain fed diet which includes non-gm maize, wheat and soya. Our whole chickens are naturally firm and full of flavour. We also supply beautifully trimmed chicken portions. You can choose chicken fillets which are b one less and are moist and very versatile. Alternatively, you may choose chicken supremes- meaty breasts with the b one left in for maximum flavour.

Our free range goose and duck is a huge favourite during the festive Christmas season.


O Sullivan's Wide variety of excellent Barbeque Products have been best sellers for many years. We pride ourselves on being innovative and we constantly add new delightful flavours and marinades. Whether it's our superb Kebabs, burgers, ribs, sausages or our wide selection of marinated steaks, there will definitely be something for you. Why not browse through and see for yourself. These products are also delicious on the grill at any time of year.

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'Your meat is fresh it is not pre-packed and is sourced locally.'   - B.Geary 
  Seamus O Sullivan Master Butchers, 6/7 Manor West, Tralee, Co. Kerry

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