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We hope Sulmeat's Kidzone will be a fun and educational experience for children. Do you realise kids, that your parents are not kidding when they tell you that a healthy balanced diet is very important for you to grow big and strong. Fresh meat as well as fresh fruit and vegetables forms a very important part of a balanced diet. At, you can choose from a huge selection of fresh meats that taste absolutely fab!

Healthy Eating

To view an interesting article on Healthy Eating and meat for kids click here.


Why not try out of of these great games?

Get as many words as you can in the quickest time. Type the words quickly and correctly to avoid the eggs smashing. Clear all the ice blocks to go the next level.
Blast through colorful "Ball Walls" to clear a path to a variety of Penguin Treats. Finish 8 laps in first place to progress to the next level. Collect all of the red stars to get points, collect the blue question mark's for special bonuses.

Colouring Pictures:

We have put together a selection of Sulmeat pictures for you to download, print out and colour in.

Farm Animals:
A cow A Pig A cow


Products That Kids Love

Some of our products most popular with the younger folk include:

O'Sullivans Burgers
O'Sullivans Sausages
O'Sullivans Goujons
O'Sullivans Drumsticks
O'Sullivans Stuffed Chicken Fillets
O'Sullivans BBQ Pork Ribs
O'Sullivans Kebabs

All of the items are freshly cut and prepared by O'Sullivans. They are delicious and nutritious and they form part of a healthy, balanced diet.


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'Your sausages and burgers are all the kids will eat. At least they are homemade and delicious.'   - N.O'Brien 
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